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genie said:
I was just wondering if we had to make a program for getting better and getting ourselves out of this, what would it include and how would we go about doing it?

I think the first thing to do would be to stop trying to fight the DP and relax towards it (you can tell I'm a follower of Claire Weekes).
Also I the next thing to do would be to remove the fear of it as it is the fear that is keeping it alive.

Does anyone else have anymore suggestions?

Hi Genie,

Great post!

I, too, am a big believer in Claire Weekes' books. They were WAY ahead of their time, being they were written some 30 to 35 years ago. I cannot think of another "old" book, off hand, which has held up as good as Weekes' material.

I do try to relax towards the fear. I don't try to fight the fear. Fighting the fear, I have found, only makes the fear that much stronger. You are right on the money.

In some ways, what I have read here about how to treat DP/DR is the exact opposite of what I've learned about treating anxiety from Ms. Weekes' texts.

For instance, the method on this site, to become free from DP/DR, is to focus on ANYTHING but self. The thinking is that self-monitoring, among others things, keeps the DP/DR alive.

I could be wrong, but I feel like the reason I developed DP/DR was due to the fact that I did not pay enough attention to my physical self. This may be why I'm having a tough time moving forward, I'm not sure.

I will do yoga twice a day and attempt to connect with myself. I usually am successful and will feel great for 3 or 4 hours afterwards. However, after a few hours, the anxiety and DP/DR is back, full-force.

Lastly, if one believes that DP/DR is a result of too much anxiety, then reducing anxiety would presumably reduce DP/DR. However, if one believes that DP/DR is NOT a product of anxiety and instead a result of a chemical imbalance, i.e., serotonin deficiency, then treating the anxiety and/or depression itself might not completely alleviate the DP/DR.

I have a hard time articulating exactly how or why I think I feel the way I do, unfortunately. I know this post will get some other helpful replies, which will be much more comprehensive than mine.

Again, thanks for writing.

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