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Problems with breathing

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I have a very hard problem and that is i can't feel my breath its like I don't have lungs i cant even tell if I'm inhaling or exhaling i don't have any urge to breathe i can literally just not breath in till i pass out and because of this i dont know if I'm breathing too much or too little because i can't feel anything even if im suffocating i cant tell and whenever i breath manually my automatic breathing don't stop its like my lungs are fighting should we let the manual breathing or the auto breathing please is this a common thing
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Hello, I have never heard about this. But what happens when you stop breathing? How did you find out you did not feel suffocation? I just tried for myself and stopped breathing, without preparation and without hyperventilating before hand, and I felt the first need to inhale after about 15 seconds only. How long have you tried?
I don't really want to try it again but i can hold my breath with out feeling that sensation of " i need to inhale air " i did it once in till i got a Panic attack because i was nearly fainting I'm better now I've just ignored it and let my auto breathing handle it the key with these kind of problems is to not obsesses about them and they will go away the same why they came in the first place
I dont know its like the brain doesn't send signals very well .....The cure with anxiety based conditions is not to obsess about things believe me the brain is gonna make you believe its real or make you notice something you didn't notice before like this breathing thing i didn't notice it in till i read a comment about some guy telling that he can't feel his breathing i started breathing heavily and thinking omg i can't feel it too and then started to get worse... So the best thing for me is to stop googling and start living life because my dpdr is not from ptsd or something heavy its just high anxiety good luck and thanks for you're respond
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Ive also had (and still do) the manually breathing. It could be something with ocd. I also felt like i didnt get enough air but its anxiety making u very focused on ur breathing.
Yeah its ocd related but the issue is not being able to feel my breathing
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