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I use "This feeling" because thats all it is, a feeling. Before I found the term for this "problem" of mine the feeling was transient but only until now is it permanent. The good thing is I am able to feel emotions now deeply, but still feel in this dream-like state. It has been since I was a child, and up until 2017 (I was 17) I smoked the joint and got the full blown problem, and later constant stress, trauma, and being used by personality disordered individuals left me with intense fear and what I once labeled "Complex PTSD" because of intense flashbacks coupled with the feeling of dreaming.

After all of this research I have found a potential approach to solve this problem, but it takes a plan.

We must care for ourselves, Fix our nutrition, no sugar, no gluten... start eating foods with omega 3 and 6, b12,

I am looking into magnesium, many say CBD oil helps reduce this feeling but i've tried many brands and they only partially help

Support system always helps.

One thing I find helps alot, is verbalizing your thoughts and what you write, this KEEPS you present and mindful. Furthermore mindfulness excercises are major, and many good ones can be found by searching a man named Santos Barrios who dealt with "this feeling" for decades. There are some create CBD and mindfulness excercises by the one and only Harris harrington. But the key is to not focus and give all attention to this feeling.

Always limit use of distractions that cause us to dissociate such as movies games books internet, alchohal, never do drugs. Sleep early wake up early and get a good schedule. Do your physical excercise, limit stress, and mindfully become aware of tension in your body and eliminate it, ex: shrugged shoulders, will have an effect on mental well being because your body is tense. Check your vitamin levels and everything else during a blood test

Reality checks, grab acold icecube and take cold shower, put the icecube on your head and behind ears to increase flow to the limbic system

Any new techniques I can use? I am struggling but am getting far, for some I've seen it slowly goes away on its own
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