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Modafinil was administered as part of a
treatment regimen in patients (N = 237)
with a broad spectrum of treatment-
resistant psychiatric, neurological and
general medical disorders accompanied
by some combination of excessive
sleepiness, fatigue, executive dysfunc-

tion, and apathy.

A total of 341 patients who were pre-
scribed modafinil were identified. Of
these patients, follow-up information
was available for 237 (116 men and 121
women). The age range of these patients
was 7 to 92 years (average 39). The eth-
nic distribution was 224 white, 4
Hispanic, 3 African-American, and 2
Middle Eastern. The 3 most common
psychiatric diagnoses were depression
with apathy and/or fatigue (29%); Lyme
encephalopathy with multiple cognitive
impairments (29%); and ADHD with a
predominance of concentration impair-
ments rather than distractibility (26%).
Only 3 patients had a primary diagnosis

of a sleep disorder.
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