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Post your favorite works of art here

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OMG wendy! that last one...we had a poster of that on the wall when i was little! i totally forgot about that one!
we don't have it anymore i don't think :(

Greg Singley

Claude Monet

Catherine Wiley

I, too, am a love of Impressionism...very romantic to all the senses.
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I saw it terri. Not sure, but I think you forgot the 'dot' for the 'jpg' (.jpg).

Paul Signac

Henri Edmund Cross

Georges Sureat of my all times favorites in pointilism. Saw it in a museum in Chicago or New York, many moons and travels ago. It is HUGE. Studied it forever.
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Alex grey - journey of the wounded healer



Ghost by cam de leon

69 Web by chet zar
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41 - 60 of 106 Posts
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