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Has anyone dealt with that? I cant shake off the feeling that it's soon 2018 and it sounds strange, but when I try to imagine myself in the next year I feel strangely suicidal, like I wont experience it anymore because my mind just cant handle that time is rushing by. I never dealt with suicidal thoughts, they randomly popped up 3 months ago and made me feel crazy, like I am destined to die soon cause I cant handle this time thing. I am posting it on here because my obsessions are better comparable to DP minds. It is like my mind suddenly switched and says "no" to life.

I dont know, July was really depressing, there it all started, I never felt such an unsatisfying feeling of emptiness and incompleteness like after DP.

I have basically completely recovered but I still had DP thoughts and my mind just went: how long will you be able to live with those DP thoughts? I went in full panic mode.

It is strange when you have a clear vision but you get nonetheless thoughts like: Is it really my hometown as I knew it?

Just so creepy, annoying alienation thoughts. I think those were the cause for my mind to switch to those way more terrible suicidal thoughts. Now I am trapped.

Any advice?
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