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Does anyone else suffer from this affliction? I remember the heady days before some dim-witted script kiddie hacked this site and sent us back to post-count: 0. I remember gazing proudly upon my three-digit post-count, which reflected a healthy interest in dp and yet not an obsessive fascination with posting every little thought that popped into my head. Those were the days. a pathetic 29 posts, i feel so icky and shameful. Oh well...que sera sera and all that.


i have no idea how i have 503 posts. I remember on the old site, i accumulated like 400 posts in a month and i had no idea how it happened.

On this newer site if you look , i don't start very many topics and haven't been replying to as many, yet i have the most amount of posts?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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