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Post a pic

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Post a picture of yourself. That way we all know a little bit more of who we are talking to. Plus, I really like looking at pictures.

If you need help loading pics, let me know and I'll try and help.

I just really like to see pics. Also, send pics of the place you live. I've never been outside the USA, I would love to see England, Australia, and many other places where people live. Even places in the USA. I've never been to Ohio. I would like to see pictures and I bet other people would like to see pictures too. 8)
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Tidal, you're such a cutie! And oh, my - you have tatoos?????

(I've got one too, by the way, lol) I knew we had alot in common (actually, I look like an OLD version of your slightly goth/punk self, lol)

p.s. if you're concerned about being a professor with tatoos, imagine being a psychoanalyst with one, lol
Is that Dallas, Pure Narcotic? One of my old roommates and my ex-girlfriend grew up there but I've never been there. Maybe I should go to watch Tennessee whoop up on Franchone at the Cotton Bowl.
What the hell? You can't see the pictures I posted. What is up with that? I could see them yesterday. Yours aren't appearing either Gimpy...I went to Knoxville this past summer and toured the town for a day. I saw Neyland Stadium. it was kind of dissappointing though because you couldn't see inside the stadium. Yeah, I hope that the Vols woop up on the Aggies. I saw the Aggies upset Oklahoma a few years ago and the fans there are some of the weirdest in college football.
right click on the pic that wont open, go to properties, highlight the entire address then copy/paste into your browser. that should work ok.
Guys, if you try to copy pictures from the link I gave ( it wont work, they have copyright.

You CAN give the name of the city you live so we'll be able to take a look 8)
Try - they've got excellent photography of pretty much every city on earth if you search long enough for them.
Yeah, I like this one a lot more. Good shot of the Smoky Mountains in winter.

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Where I went to school...Athens, Ohio

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Hey Sleepingbeauty, which Island is that? My real mom lived in Kauai. I think, I'll have to ask again excacally where she lived but I know it was the second to last Island. :wink: I wish I could go there to visit. My mom said it was really pretty. She also said they speak Pigon...can you speak it? Don't know much about it so if I sound stupid, sorry. :?

I'll try and get a pic of OKC up. Here is a pic of the lake near by that I took with my daughter. (she is wearing a grass skirt, I don't know why...she descided to wear it for the picture)

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hi my name is sleepingbeauty and im a tida. :oops:

i wish i lived on kauai its so beautiful there. sighhhh :(

no i live in kona on the big island. real name is moku o keawe but westerners cant say that so its just called the big island cause its the biggest in the chain. i live on the 'gold coast' also known as little LA. if you like hawaii and you dont want to leave convinience and urban sprawl behind, this is where you come. our favorite hangout spots are kmart and walmart. i kid you not. if you go there at night you will see teenagers that dress up just to go hang out there. there are boys that breakdance in the car stereo isle. my dad has a koi pond and i went to walmart recently to buy a kids microscope so we could look at the little critters in the pond water, and the closest thing i found to it in the toy section was a pint sized mcflurry machine. i almost cried.

going outside my door is depressing. hawaii is definately not what it used to be. :cry:
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ps misty...

love that pic of your daughter. aweeesome. :p
Walmart is where we hang out here too. That's the highlight of my week, is if I get to go grocrey shoping :D , pretty sad huh :wink: . They also have what they call 39th, which the main street in Bethany/OKC and all the highschoolers hang out there with their cars on the weekends. During the summer, it's everyday. My husband, who is a big kid, hangs out there too. He drives a 1972 Volkswagon Bug that is remottifited. All the kids thinks it's "cool". So all the people we hang out with are 19 years old.

But I'm not into cars so I either stay home and watch movies or sleep or go to WALMART. second home!!! :roll: I just wish I could afford more stuff when I go in there. :wink:

To get a microscope, the best place to look is Toy's R US or any learning center store like where teachers might buy their supplies (Lakeside is what we have here) had a microscope, I loved it. Wish I had another one. I think my daughter would love it too. It's soooo fasinating what you can find. :shock: ewwww, bugs....gross stuff....i love it!!
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whoa misty! so your husband is the creepy older guy that hangs out with teenagers
and shows off his sweet ride? your last name wouldnt happen to be Wooderson would it?? :shock:

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Not that creepy, but close..... :shock: When we hang out with people our age, they end up being a**holes. I had this one friend that she was one year younger than me, our daughters were six months apart but she ended up never wanted to get together, always had "better things to go" and her boyfriend (the girls father) was to good to come over to our house. But people younger than us, they seem to be more laid back, wanna hang out. I just wish sometimes my husband did grown up. He's 24!!! ... 2598309181

^^This is a pic of me preety much about a month or so after I started expieriencing dp/dr and when the weed had got to my head a bit too much.

This is a pic of the street that leads into the center of the town I live in, preety much boring suburban normal english town
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:) Used to live here during my late teens

:x Now I live in Pittsburgh
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