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Post a pic

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Post a picture of yourself. That way we all know a little bit more of who we are talking to. Plus, I really like looking at pictures.

If you need help loading pics, let me know and I'll try and help.

I just really like to see pics. Also, send pics of the place you live. I've never been outside the USA, I would love to see England, Australia, and many other places where people live. Even places in the USA. I've never been to Ohio. I would like to see pictures and I bet other people would like to see pictures too. 8)
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If you find a image hosting site on the internet, then you can download your pics there and then when you type here you just do

and the picture will appear

How do you start a web page with pictures and stuff?
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Ooops. Forget Wendy is the one from Holland. I swear, that picture looks just like Dallas.........
Of course I've been to Utrecht Wendy, hasn't everyone? My experience with your city consists entirely of driving through on a bus waaaaaaaay back when I was in school.

And Misty, I think any of the large ISPs offer free webspace. AOL, MSN, etc. Looks like you go with a smaller provider, but they may have the same thing. And if not, surf your way over to MSN and you can get one there even if you don't belong.
You will need either a digital camera, or a scanner to digitize regular photos. Then all you do is save them to your comp and upload them to your site. Very easy - if I can do it anybody can.......
na its not Cleveland

i am from Providence, Rhode Island, and yes that picture is beautiful too bad the rest of the city isn't.

If I could only show you the REAL TO LIFE PICTURES
Hey, I've been to Providence, Rhode Island. We also went up to Boston for a bit. My husbands best friend got married so we flew out there. The part of the city we were at was not very pretty. People were VERY rude. the groom was from down in Oklahoma, the bride from RI. When she came down here and try to buy ciggs the clerk was being friendly and she was like "just give the damn pack of ciggs and shut up" we couldn't believe how rude she was (but not to us) but then we went up there and people were rude. Not saying hello, even the waiteress at Applebees was rude. And when I said something the bride (taylor) said that she is only doing her job. That's the way they are. They don't care about you, they are just there to do their job.

Down here, you go into a convience store you start having a convertation. I've went in for a pack of ciggs and stayed 20 minutes just taking. We are VERY friendly down here. :D

Oh, and RI doesn't have Dr. Pepper.....what kind of place doesn't have Dr. Pepper? :? I was shocked when the lady said she had never heard of Dr. Pepper :shock: "Down here We love our Dr. Pepper" slogin by Leann Ryhmes and Reba MacEntire. 8)

But the picture you took, made it look like a piece of heaven. You did a good job.
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i didn't take that picture btw, im no photographer

we have DR. PEPPER here, just go to a convience store
I'll be in Providence on the 18th on my way to Cape Cod. Nice city, downtown and near the colleges.
yeah the downtown & Brown University Area is nice

thats it
Downtown Dallas. This is where I live.

Home of the Dallas Cowboys. I used to go here alot and sit right by the sidelines when my high school would play football playoff games here.

Exact spot where JFK was shot

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^ that red X is nice, it has a nice skyline, do people work in that???
The last time I went to Dallas, it was very pretty with the building and such but they were doing constrution on the highway and we got lost. It was horrible. Plus Texas drivers are the worest I have seen. (nothing against you Narcotic :wink: ) But we we were lost for an hour!! I would love to go there again, as long as they weren't do any constrution...... :roll: It is very nice down there.
Tidal all that shows is some angelfire logo
I know. For some reason, I can't make the picture thing work=(
Does this help?
Here is where I grew up and might move back to Knoxville, TN

Yes, that is the sunsphere that Nelson from the Simpsons knocked over in the episode where they think they are going to The World's Fair in Knoxville.
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heres where i spent most of my years growing up.

i live in the same house i grew up in.. which resides across the street from this beach. i havent been there in years due to my illness. :(
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everybody has such a beatuiful city. Oklahoma isn't very pretty. But I'll try and get a good pic and post it.

Tidal, you are very pretty!!!! I really like that tattoo too. Did it hurt? I really want a tattoo of a purple rose with my daughters name underneath...Alexandria

I'm so glad people are posting pics. I like looking at them. :D They are so pretty. Expecally the beach. I wish I could see the beach. I bet you had so much fun growing up there, huh? :wink:
Hey Misty,

Thanks for the compliment=) And yes, that tattoo on my upper back hurt a bit since it was on the spine but I have 6 other ones that were not as bad. I get a rush of energy just thinking about one. Watch out, once you get one you'll get addicted and will keep on going back! =) I have to ease a bit on them now since I'm in grad school and I don't know if many schools will be interested in hiring a professor covered in tattoos from head to toe.

I love looking at the pictures as well. It's such a great distraction. I have a great view of Manhattan from my window that I'll try to post.
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