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Post a pic

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Post a picture of yourself. That way we all know a little bit more of who we are talking to. Plus, I really like looking at pictures.

If you need help loading pics, let me know and I'll try and help.

I just really like to see pics. Also, send pics of the place you live. I've never been outside the USA, I would love to see England, Australia, and many other places where people live. Even places in the USA. I've never been to Ohio. I would like to see pictures and I bet other people would like to see pictures too. 8)
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Wow, all your trees are bare. We still most of our leafs on our tress. Their yellow/red but they are still on the tree. We don't loose all our leafs. I bet you get a lot of snow, huh?

Nice pic :wink: how old are you?
That is BEAUTIFUL, where is that at? Did you take that pic? WOW!! Now all we need are some pics of you and we're set. :wink:
ZiggomatiX said:
Looks like Cleveland to me....although i have no f--- clue.
And where are your Pictures? Hummmm? :roll: The more pics the better the post. They don't have to be perfect. I even liked the picture of the computer. Pictures tell a thousand stories...... :shock:
Wow, I'd like to vist there some day. This is like traveling the world with never leaving my home :D

Come on peope....more pics, and don't forget ones of yourselfs! :wink:
If you find a image hosting site on the internet, then you can download your pics there and then when you type here you just do

and the picture will appear

How do you start a web page with pictures and stuff?
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Hey, I've been to Providence, Rhode Island. We also went up to Boston for a bit. My husbands best friend got married so we flew out there. The part of the city we were at was not very pretty. People were VERY rude. the groom was from down in Oklahoma, the bride from RI. When she came down here and try to buy ciggs the clerk was being friendly and she was like "just give the damn pack of ciggs and shut up" we couldn't believe how rude she was (but not to us) but then we went up there and people were rude. Not saying hello, even the waiteress at Applebees was rude. And when I said something the bride (taylor) said that she is only doing her job. That's the way they are. They don't care about you, they are just there to do their job.

Down here, you go into a convience store you start having a convertation. I've went in for a pack of ciggs and stayed 20 minutes just taking. We are VERY friendly down here. :D

Oh, and RI doesn't have Dr. Pepper.....what kind of place doesn't have Dr. Pepper? :? I was shocked when the lady said she had never heard of Dr. Pepper :shock: "Down here We love our Dr. Pepper" slogin by Leann Ryhmes and Reba MacEntire. 8)

But the picture you took, made it look like a piece of heaven. You did a good job.
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The last time I went to Dallas, it was very pretty with the building and such but they were doing constrution on the highway and we got lost. It was horrible. Plus Texas drivers are the worest I have seen. (nothing against you Narcotic :wink: ) But we we were lost for an hour!! I would love to go there again, as long as they weren't do any constrution...... :roll: It is very nice down there.
everybody has such a beatuiful city. Oklahoma isn't very pretty. But I'll try and get a good pic and post it.

Tidal, you are very pretty!!!! I really like that tattoo too. Did it hurt? I really want a tattoo of a purple rose with my daughters name underneath...Alexandria

I'm so glad people are posting pics. I like looking at them. :D They are so pretty. Expecally the beach. I wish I could see the beach. I bet you had so much fun growing up there, huh? :wink:
Hey Sleepingbeauty, which Island is that? My real mom lived in Kauai. I think, I'll have to ask again excacally where she lived but I know it was the second to last Island. :wink: I wish I could go there to visit. My mom said it was really pretty. She also said they speak Pigon...can you speak it? Don't know much about it so if I sound stupid, sorry. :?

I'll try and get a pic of OKC up. Here is a pic of the lake near by that I took with my daughter. (she is wearing a grass skirt, I don't know why...she descided to wear it for the picture)

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Walmart is where we hang out here too. That's the highlight of my week, is if I get to go grocrey shoping :D , pretty sad huh :wink: . They also have what they call 39th, which the main street in Bethany/OKC and all the highschoolers hang out there with their cars on the weekends. During the summer, it's everyday. My husband, who is a big kid, hangs out there too. He drives a 1972 Volkswagon Bug that is remottifited. All the kids thinks it's "cool". So all the people we hang out with are 19 years old.

But I'm not into cars so I either stay home and watch movies or sleep or go to WALMART. second home!!! :roll: I just wish I could afford more stuff when I go in there. :wink:

To get a microscope, the best place to look is Toy's R US or any learning center store like where teachers might buy their supplies (Lakeside is what we have here) had a microscope, I loved it. Wish I had another one. I think my daughter would love it too. It's soooo fasinating what you can find. :shock: ewwww, bugs....gross stuff....i love it!!
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Not that creepy, but close..... :shock: When we hang out with people our age, they end up being a**holes. I had this one friend that she was one year younger than me, our daughters were six months apart but she ended up never wanted to get together, always had "better things to go" and her boyfriend (the girls father) was to good to come over to our house. But people younger than us, they seem to be more laid back, wanna hang out. I just wish sometimes my husband did grown up. He's 24!!!
I wish I could live by the beach. That would be sooooo cool 8) But no, my parents had to pick the most boringest state there is alive!!!! Will Rodgers (a famous man) once said, you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. It's true. The weather changes without warning minute to minute.

I was telling my daughter tonight that it snows all year in some parts of Canada and never snows in Haiwaii. She told me when she gets big, she gonna make it stop snowing in Canada so the people in Haiwii can have a snow ball fight. :wink: Cute huh?
You're probley right, I just ment all over the land enough were the schools close down and the kids can make snowmen and have snowball fights. I forgot they do have snow cap mountins. And this is why we keep you around :wink: j/k.
As long as the guys were hot, that would be okay. No ugly old wrinkly guys :shock:

Thanks for the pics SB. I so wish I could visit. Maybe when I become rich someday (if my dreams come ture) then I'll fly out and see ya. :wink: Lets say.............2050? j/k
sleepingbeauty said:
old balls.
old WRINKLY balls, not very fun to look at. No Thank you. :shock: ewwwww!!!!!!
This thread is now just random people talking about where they live, and about the place they either want to live or did live. And added a few jokes.

i couldn't live in Hawaii, but I could sure visit. :wink: Hey SB, when I come to visit, I'll come see ya. I'll bring Pure Nar. so he can see the old wrinkly guys skiing naked. :shock: j/k
Man, you guys have lived in beatuifull places. I've lived in Guymond, OK
Bosie, ID, and OKC, OK (but born in Amarillo, TX) I would love to live any where else.

And, SB, you are on for the snow/sand ball fights. I'll be there say...the year...2040. Hopefully sooner. I do plan on going there before I die. That's one of my goals. That and to take my daughter to DisneyWorld or DisneyLand. Which ever one, doens't make a difference to me. But one of the two. I also want to go to London and Paris. Oh, and Germany to see my family.


And Paris...oh la la :wink:
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Children are wonderful, it's the parents that are usually the ones that lets the kids get away with everything so the children act like brats. And I said USUALLY!!!! We have a place like that down in bricktown (downtown OKC)
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