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Post a pic

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Post a picture of yourself. That way we all know a little bit more of who we are talking to. Plus, I really like looking at pictures.

If you need help loading pics, let me know and I'll try and help.

I just really like to see pics. Also, send pics of the place you live. I've never been outside the USA, I would love to see England, Australia, and many other places where people live. Even places in the USA. I've never been to Ohio. I would like to see pictures and I bet other people would like to see pictures too. 8)
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Here is where I grew up and might move back to Knoxville, TN

Yes, that is the sunsphere that Nelson from the Simpsons knocked over in the episode where they think they are going to The World's Fair in Knoxville.
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Is that Dallas, Pure Narcotic? One of my old roommates and my ex-girlfriend grew up there but I've never been there. Maybe I should go to watch Tennessee whoop up on Franchone at the Cotton Bowl.
Yeah, I like this one a lot more. Good shot of the Smoky Mountains in winter.

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terri*, is that in Chattanooga? Knoxville just did the same thing. My friend had a wedding downtown this summer and I look out the window and there's 500 people running through these fountains like it was the greatest thing on Earth.
At the old World's Fair Park. They've really fixed up downtown now, which used to be a ghost town.
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