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*possible trigger* Alternative theory to DP/DR and psychotophobia (fear of psychosis/schizophrenia)

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Here's an idea: Psychotophobia (fear of schizophrenia usually) is actually a specific/subset of or extreme agoraphobia:
"Agoraphobia is a condition where the sufferer becomes anxious in environments that are unfamiliar or where he or she perceives that they have little control." - ye good 'ole Wiki.

Derealization -> unfamiliar environment -> perceptively less control (depersonalization may exacerbate this through its tendency to disrupt the sense of executive involvement) -> anxiety -> fear of losing said executive authority (control) -> fear of psychosis / schizophrenia (for it is a condition where such can be the case).

Or, roughly so. I don't advocate the accuracy of this, nor do I believe it per se, but it popped in to mind just now, so I figured I'd share to see what others think. So... thoughts?
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Considering the thousands of threads this place has of people terrified they are going insane/schizophranic ect. I can see this playing a large role in holding people back form recovery.
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