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Well, ever since ive had this disorder ive been very interested in psychology.

i know (at least for me) that the brain is capable of ANYTHING if you set yourself to it (as long as theres no physical damage, organic disorders this is called??) We are all sane here, we just have issues with our perception of the world and reality.

People who say they are agoraphobic, i know it seems hard, but just walk outside! FORCE YOURSELF. It might scare you to death, but why? You know theres nothing to be afraid of outside, and that your fears are completely irrational.... Even if you feel extremely scared just start running towards the open door.... the faster you run the less time you have to be scared, and the harder it will be for you to stop. Do whatever you can to beat these things, 1 step at a time like climbing a ladder

If you know what happened in your life that caused DP, try and remember that experience as best you can.

Write it down (type it in word) as your telling a complete story to somebody else. Dont forget ANY details that you can remember, write everything down. When your done, and have got an A+ novel in your hands, re read it, and think of it as a story somebody else wrote. Give yourself that objective perception back.

That might sound scary, but think of it as quitting cigarettes. You know you need to for health reasons, but you just cant do it because they are so addicting. The DP/anxiety and all that causes you to avoid doing this like this like an addiction causes you to avoid quitting. But with some persuasion and self-motivation, you can all do it just like you can all eventually quit cigarettes (i dont care if you dont smoke, its a simple analagy)

This could just be my personal crazy theory, but give it a try. Whats the worst that can happen?
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