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Possible addiction

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I've been trying lately not to buy the stuff, and when I do I try only to buy a little because I know I'll consume too much. I just bought a box of "quadruple chocolate cookies". I don't understand how there could be quadruple in there. I only count the chocolate three times, not four. there is the chocolate dough, the chocolate chips and then the chocolate coating. That's three. I don't know where the fourth is. Anyway, I just bought a box and I feel ill. I'm serious though. I can't just eat a couple, and I really feel sick right now. This hasn't happened only a couple times. It's happened all my life and I never learn. I hate it. I don't want to go on.
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JanineBaker said:
What can one do to be made to believe the real world matters?
That was your question from another thread.

one man's addiction is another man's First Sign of interest in the Real.
- Lacan

Let me try to answer my own question. oh I better do it on the original thread. you can move this one to someplace obscure if you like. no offense would be taken.
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