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polycystic ovarian syndrome

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I was diagnozed with polycystic ovarian syndrome yesterday. Just wondering if anyone else has this? Or any info on it?

Also an update on my dp... have had dp for about 3 and a half years now. The last 6 or so months i have made great improvement. To rate my dp out of being 99% dp'd for the last 3 years..... i am now about 10% dp'd and improving all the time.
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My sister has had a polycystic have my sympathies...not nice at all. She had a keyhole operation to try and sort it out, but apparently they can't remove it...something to do with lady hormones or something. In her case they couldn't remove it because she was on thyroxine and if they did whip it out, she's go all hairy and put on half a ton on weight. Don't know if this applies to you, but I'm sure they can do something about it. Good luck anyway.
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