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polycystic ovarian syndrome

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I was diagnozed with polycystic ovarian syndrome yesterday. Just wondering if anyone else has this? Or any info on it?

Also an update on my dp... have had dp for about 3 and a half years now. The last 6 or so months i have made great improvement. To rate my dp out of being 99% dp'd for the last 3 years..... i am now about 10% dp'd and improving all the time.
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Hi Cloverstone :)
Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the link to the PCOS site. I was actually just looking at that site when i got this msg! LOL
I'm not that fazed about having pcos to tell you the truth..After having dp pcos will be a :)

How did i get down to 10% dp'd? . It just sort of happened. I read Janines book, took her advice about focusing out, really sticking to it and doing it all the time. I am at the point where it is second nature to me now and i don't really think about the dp at all. I don't really look it up all the time on the net or read about it, i moved out of home and into my own place. mmm what else...I am studying....and i understand it more now and to tell you the truth, i don't really get afraid of it anymore and have that constant living in fear feeling. I went through some therapy and learnt things about myself and dealt with past traumas..etc..I am continuing to not deal with things how i used to (like drinking and taking drugs and bottling things inside).... I am still a work in progress, but i no longer think i will have this forever and i see a way out.....I'm just not that into it still have my ups and downs, but no way near as bad as they used to be and if i have a bad day, it doesn't turn into weeks or months of bad dp..i pretty much feel better the next day or hours later, by turning my attention to other things and not analysing every feeling and thats basically what i am doing.... i can finally see the way out.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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