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Point of no return.

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I'm gonna die because of this, right now I feel i dont know who the hell iam how the hell i know this forum, what the hell is a forum, what the hell is the internet, who the hell am i?

My voice - slurred speach.... these are not my words im thinking this is not me talking.

Blacking out feeling - not knowing how i got from one place to another.

Feels like my mind is slowly shutting down.... cant feel my own weight, feel light, hollow.

This post is just a complete ramble but i dont know how to put it.... i even shed a few tears earlier... just let me die let me whispering to myself.

my memory... feels completely lost.

Im becoming dumbified if there is such a word... soon i will be a lifeless living piece of meat.... sitting there... trapped inside my brain not knowing who or what iam, what words are, what their meanings are.

cant take this.
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"By thinking positively and treating your body right, I believe that emotions can be stabilized. We are all capable of making a recovery. Whether that recovery is 100% or not doesn't make a difference. We can get to place that is dramatically better than where we are or have been."

That's what I'm talking about. Wasn't that easy? And the effect is huge! Even I feel better!

IMAGINE ? I've been sober for one year all drugs and alcohol, and I feel like a different person. A new person with very ordinary everyday problems. But I am free of the extremes of thinking that addiction to drugs and alcohol subjected me to.

I don't have any idea what your consumption is, doesn't matter. If you think there's a problem with your substance use, then there's a problem. And of course if you're taking meds its advised against. You know this already.

Good luck over the next few days...
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