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Point of no return.

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I'm gonna die because of this, right now I feel i dont know who the hell iam how the hell i know this forum, what the hell is a forum, what the hell is the internet, who the hell am i?

My voice - slurred speach.... these are not my words im thinking this is not me talking.

Blacking out feeling - not knowing how i got from one place to another.

Feels like my mind is slowly shutting down.... cant feel my own weight, feel light, hollow.

This post is just a complete ramble but i dont know how to put it.... i even shed a few tears earlier... just let me die let me whispering to myself.

my memory... feels completely lost.

Im becoming dumbified if there is such a word... soon i will be a lifeless living piece of meat.... sitting there... trapped inside my brain not knowing who or what iam, what words are, what their meanings are.

cant take this.
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I won't hurt myself (never have) or kill myself... in that case I'm safe.

But what is this extreme DP/DR going to do to me... I still feel its something more.

I fear ending up in a catatonic state. Psychosis, brain dead.

Forgetting everything!

Not being able to function at all.
Actually from all of the above it feels like I'm just hanging on by a thread before I end up that way.... tottally unable to function. Forgetting everything.

Scattered said:
I am promising you that NOTHING has actually happened TO your brain. your cognitive abilities are fine.
I'd have to disagree with that completely. I'm no expert but recent studies have shown that high levels of stress, or extreme anxiety or depression can cause brain damage. If not permanent, then temporarily a persons cognitive abilities can be impaired because of thoughts that are causing physical changes in a person's body.

I don't want to be a contrarian. I just think its kind of misleading to tell people that their body or brain is not being effected or damaged by their emotional states. Perhaps ignorance is bliss.
Thank you all for your support.

All though it is all hard to take in, I try my best.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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