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Please Take The NODID Survey!

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NODID said:
50 Case Numbers Distributed
11 participants completed the test.
Our goal is 200.
Dear Folks,
I am stunned by this. Any bit of research that goes into DP leads us one step further to understanding how to treat this.

Many complain that there is no research going on when Mt. Sinai is on the cutting edge of DP research and has been for years.

I beg of you. The test is 100% anonymous. It takes 40 minutes max to fill out. It is distracting!

Please take the test... if not for this ol' Dreamer geezer, than for all the young folks who haven't yet found this board, for anyone who suffers from this.

No one put me up to this. Seriously. This is so important.

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1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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