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please stay positive

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I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but there are way too much "I'm feeling so bad" posts on this forum. I realy don't visit this forum that much anymore since I won't find any positive that makes me feel good again. I completely understand ow desperate you people feel, but I realy don't think it's usefull to post a complete summary of every moment you feel a bit down. I think this has to become the forum again it was when I first came here, a place that was realy helping me and offered some good info. If any of you think this post is for you, it might be best for your own recovery to not obsess that much about DP, cause that's all this posting is, obsessive behavior.
PS, sorry for the bad english :D
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Im not trying to be an arsehole or anything but surely the point of a dp/dr messageboard is to talk about dp/dr , and surely that includes talking about the sympoms. and I have been feeling really really dped today and I just felt I had to offload a load of mental strain, that is to say I needed some reassurance because my dp and dr has been going up and down today , along with my mood.
A cheery, positive little post that for some reason degenerated into negativity, whining, false information (the Santa character has nothing to do with Coca-Cola), religious views, etc.
Ha ha that's just my weird sense of humour subversion, I was in stitches when I wrote that post about santa, And I apolosgise if my post came across as whiny , depressive negative whatever, that wasn't t the vibe i was trying to put across, I just like to have a moan sometimes and what better place to moan than on a messagebaord with annonaymous strangers? I mean my posts are always going to relfect my state of mind and if that state of mind is maybe a tad depressed or feels zany then that is how I am going to post related to a topic or whatever, I can't just feel happy on tap.

OMG i sound like a depressing whiny bastard don't I , but im really not that bad really :)

Oh and here is the truth about santa and his redness, just because I am a miserable C - U you no what
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I'm thinking none of you listen to Bill Hicks.
I do i do

I personelly love being as immature as possible as it lifts my sprits and makes me smile and laugh. Like tonight iv'e actaully felt good about my self and my dp has started to lift a bit, humour is a very good medicine.

My sense of humor has evolved to the point where it needs to be offensive on so many levels to be funny anymore.
I think offensive un PC humour is hilarious and I like to laugh at myself as much as others.
Yep im not really an expert on hicks, ive seen a few clips about him (one on the clubbing film classic Human Traffic) and read some quotes by him and He seemed to have an abiltiy to see throygh the bullshit that most people take for granted about life , philospehy etc etc. Something I feel I can identify with.

this is my favioute hicks quote I can certainly see some truth in this statement

And Bill, lamenting how you never see a positive drug story on the news..."Today, a young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration and that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and you are the imagination of yourself. Here's Tom with the weather...!"

Yep im a tool fan!
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