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please stay positive

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I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but there are way too much "I'm feeling so bad" posts on this forum. I realy don't visit this forum that much anymore since I won't find any positive that makes me feel good again. I completely understand ow desperate you people feel, but I realy don't think it's usefull to post a complete summary of every moment you feel a bit down. I think this has to become the forum again it was when I first came here, a place that was realy helping me and offered some good info. If any of you think this post is for you, it might be best for your own recovery to not obsess that much about DP, cause that's all this posting is, obsessive behavior.
PS, sorry for the bad english :D
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there is a positive post in the regaining reality section from jcar.....its nice to read positive posts but also people who have these symptoms post to help relieve there own fears, to try to connect with others in the same boat and make sure they really arent going insane...i think we are all guilty of this from time to time as we sometimes need the reassurence from others that are feeling low
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