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please stay positive

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I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but there are way too much "I'm feeling so bad" posts on this forum. I realy don't visit this forum that much anymore since I won't find any positive that makes me feel good again. I completely understand ow desperate you people feel, but I realy don't think it's usefull to post a complete summary of every moment you feel a bit down. I think this has to become the forum again it was when I first came here, a place that was realy helping me and offered some good info. If any of you think this post is for you, it might be best for your own recovery to not obsess that much about DP, cause that's all this posting is, obsessive behavior.
PS, sorry for the bad english :D
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yeah, I understand some people here are addicted to posting these things here. But realy for their own sake, it's not bad to stop doing this while they feel they MUST do it. I'm the last person to say recovery is easy but you have to start somewhere. And out of my own experience I can say that move on with your live is hard but worth trying.
I'm living a pretty good life right now and everytime I look at the fact why i'm feeling the way i'm feeling I realize it's because i'm not that obsessive about DP anymore.
hey ziggo,

I know how you feel I had the exact same thing with reading information on websites, until the point I was certain of having every mental illness there is!
Ofcourse when there is a real need to post your feelings this is the place and I can't blame anyone who is going trough DP.
But's its like janine sad. It's this little habbit to make you think you feel better while everyone knows for a fact that the less time you spend thinking about DP the better you start to feel
And I never said you can't complain on this board. It's just that sometimes you need to realize if its the right thing to do.
I know what DP is like! I know what these people feel. I personally don't think complaining and read each others depressive posts is helping anyone on the long term. The fact that it cleans up your mind a bit is just a short term relieve, you will need a real twist in your mind to break this obsessive circle, don't empower this obessive behavior TOO much with posting these things here.
Sometimes I look at the forum and i'm like, omg look at these people!
I don't think thats the right impression you need to get from this place..
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