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Please, read this!

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Well i'm gonna write how i feel and all my symptomps, if somebody relates, or have been through that, please tell me i really need it.

So, first when i developed dp (im self-diagnosed), i was freaking out, myself would look strange in the mirror, the world wouldn't look real, and that's it. After 6 months i thought i was cured completely, the world was looking real, i was happy again etc. But thats when my real suffering begins, i experience a big panic attack( at least thats what i think it was) and i fall back into this black hole, but this time its different, i have this constant head pressure, an off balance feeling and dizzines (those are the most disturning ones), muscle twitching etc. Well that summer went by and all those feelings stopped. During the autumn, winter and spring my dp was somewhat managable without them physical symptomps. Then summer came back, so do all the physical symptomps. Right now im going through this, as an hypochondriac i think the worst case scenario, the symptomps are waaaaaaay worse at night.
The world also feels different to me, kinda scary, especially at night, and my dp feel like goes through stages, like two or three days ago it felt different than it is righ now, and in two or three next days it will feel different( i wanna know if somebody else felt this), i really need hope cuz i think im getting worse and worse everyday. Also i have a constant fast heart beat. Sorry for my bad english, its not my native language.
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I have been through a lot of what you are describing

do these to get better :

1. try to lower your anxiety in any way . if possible find a therapist (I still havent done this)

2. go to the doc and let yourself checked . I am also a huge hypochondriac and I know how difficult and disgusting the thought of going to the doc and letting yourself checked is but trust me it helps TRMENDOUSLY . you should do a blood test and an Electrocardiography . most likely everything will be fine

I did one a few months ago and he said everything is fine my blood fat value etc. is fine my heart rythm is fine etc. etc. . he said that my heartrate is very high thats the only thing

it made my dp and anxiety improve so much you cant imagine

so this is also related to point 1.) above

3. you might want to see a psychiatrist . I am against the notion of taking pills for everything . psychiatrists/docs will want to you swallow pill as if they are bonbons . but they can help . for me effexor was good for anxiety relief and some antipsychotics helped me against some weird thoughts and against some visional phenomenas (like colors being too bright and intense and everything looking cartoon like etc.)

but this should be only your "last resort" if things dont get better with time . but you should know that you are in no danger . I mean I am not a doctor and dont know you but I am pretty sure you dont have anything serious physically . and you will also not go crazy or anything and you will become normal again . you dont want to know what I have been through me ....I dont want to talk anybodies suffering down but I personally I really have been things where I thought my life is over . in 2018 I was 4 times or so in the psychiatric emergency and every day was like hell . my stress hormones were out of whack . I couldnt think properly . I had the most disturbing thoughts . I was in constant panic mode . everything seemed like a bad cartoon and unreal to me . I was freaking out and thought I am going either crazy or die . and now ? I have been 70-80% through this and feel almost normal again
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Thanks for the replies, i'm 19 years old i did all the blood tests, thyroid levels too, everey single one came back normal. But in case of this off-balance feeling, lightheadedness, dizzines ( its not that severe) it only occurs when i stand up, my heart-beat raises, and i get hella anxious, it contributes on my dp heavily. As i hypochondriac, using my good "friend" google, im freaking about a brain tumor or epilepsy. My doctor said my pulse is a little bit low but normal, 55-60 bpm when im resting he says it is because i've played soccer for about 10 years. It only increases when i stand up for 20-25 bpm.
dont google for symptoms .

and dont check your heartbeats either

it is good that you did blood tests . go to the doc and do an electrocardiography . if he says everythings normal (which most likely it is) then you will feel even better . which doesnt mean that you should run to the doc for everything but you will realize that it is because of anxiety and dp
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