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Please, read this!

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Well i'm gonna write how i feel and all my symptomps, if somebody relates, or have been through that, please tell me i really need it.

So, first when i developed dp (im self-diagnosed), i was freaking out, myself would look strange in the mirror, the world wouldn't look real, and that's it. After 6 months i thought i was cured completely, the world was looking real, i was happy again etc. But thats when my real suffering begins, i experience a big panic attack( at least thats what i think it was) and i fall back into this black hole, but this time its different, i have this constant head pressure, an off balance feeling and dizzines (those are the most disturning ones), muscle twitching etc. Well that summer went by and all those feelings stopped. During the autumn, winter and spring my dp was somewhat managable without them physical symptomps. Then summer came back, so do all the physical symptomps. Right now im going through this, as an hypochondriac i think the worst case scenario, the symptomps are waaaaaaay worse at night.
The world also feels different to me, kinda scary, especially at night, and my dp feel like goes through stages, like two or three days ago it felt different than it is righ now, and in two or three next days it will feel different( i wanna know if somebody else felt this), i really need hope cuz i think im getting worse and worse everyday. Also i have a constant fast heart beat. Sorry for my bad english, its not my native language.
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It doesn't sound like epilepsy or a brain tumor. It could be a vestibular issue, as you said, or something auto-immune. Have you seen an endocrinologist or ENT?

The odd thing is that this only happens in the summer. My symptoms are worse in the summer too, though I do have them all year. Do you feel as if the symptoms fluctuate as a result of weather changes? worse during heat or humidity could for example?
Your experience sounds a lot like mine, though I don't have school to distract me anymore. Unfortunately I haven't found any answers beyond trying to distract myself temporarily. I was diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease at one point, with minimal success. Still it might be something worth looking into, though keep in mind that everything about Lyme is controversial and confusing.
Well i looked up for lyme disease and im surprised. A lot of symptomps, not to all of them relate to mine. How is lyme disease diagnosed?
Yeah, you probably wouldn't have all the symptoms listed. That's one of the reasons why it's controversial.

How it's diagnosed depends on who you go to. If you go to a regular doctor, absent a bulls-eye rash they would require a positive result on a two-tier blood test to diagnose and treat. If you go to a "Lyme Literate" doctor, they will often diagnose clinically based on symptoms. Treatment methods widely vary between these two types of doctors as well.

I can't help but feel there must be a happy medium between the two, but I suppose that's what happens with controversy and politics; the adherents tend to gravitate toward the extremes.
Absolutely! I haven't gotten often out of this myself, just so you are aware, but I can discuss my experiences and knowledge to the best of my brain-fogged ability.
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