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My name is William. Ive had dp/dr/hppd for 3 years now. 3 years. Even typing that makes me think back to that first incomprehensible moment i started to have bits of "fake" or "unreal". I use quotations because they weren't fake, and in fact were real. I cant prove that. I still feel different. Trying to think of the me before the dp/dr/hppd seems weird. That person is not me. The meer thought of it feels foreign. Im saying all these things to let you know i can relate. I still experience the same things as many of you do, or did as well. Will they go away? Probably not and trust me when i say this, false hope is not what you need. Sure it will give you a bit of buffering, but you need to keep going. Keep moving forward. Keep looking ahead of you because there is nothing behind you that you'll still need in this life. Dont think of how this happened, or how you couldve done a million and one things to change the outcome of your resulting life. Dont. Accept this please.

3 years later and here i am. Im able to talk to people again. Im able to go out and do things. Im able to play video games, watch movies, have a job, invite people into my life. You too can do these things and probably more. But the first step truly is accepting it all. I used to sit on this damn website for hours when i was undure of what was happening. Waiting and wishing for someone to submit a post saying "I FOUND THE CURE". I knew that was never coming, but for some reason i still sat and stared waiting for it. Once my life started to pick up and i realized people werent going to understand what the hell dp or dr is, i just started moving. I stopped drugs, i stopped drinking, i threw out all negativity that was surrounding me whether it was friends, addictions, jobs. Anything. I pressed the refresh button on my life and im glad i did.

I know this is a bit of a mess to read. My minds still not straightened up 100 percent of the way and thats okay. Im here to tell you its okay. Its all okay. You're going to be okay. I love you all, every single one of you. From the people i used to sit in the chat room with, to the people ill probably never meet. I love you all unconditionally and i understand and wish you a careful recovery. Like all, this too will pass.
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