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Please I need some help.....

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Ok I have had this bout of DP for 15 weeks now, due to the trauma and illness of my cat dying. What I do understand is why it is taking so long to come out of it. I am past the empty shell stage, but I still don't feel connected to my "real normal self", and I was thinking is the DP still trying to protect me from something, cos I am long over the death of my cat, but the DP still remains with me. I am having CBT with my therapist and we were talking how I will cope when one of my parents dies or the death of a friend. Could it be that the DP is trying to protect me from this before it has even happened?? My normal bouts of DP have lasted anything from 4 to 7 weeks, but this one is over 3 months long and I really don't know it isn't going? At the moment I feel nervous of who I am and have clammy hands and the longer this goes on I am beginning to think the DP will never go. How do I connect back to myself. Is this DP trying to protect me (against death of friends and family) which hasn't even happened yet. As my cat died, and the DP kicked in, it has decided to stay with me before something bad has even happened? I am just racking my brains as to why this DP hasn't gone yet. I am really scared it isn't going to go away this time????

Please help, advice, I am desperate.

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If you can't even whine to a support forum who the hell are you going to whine to?? I don't see anything wrong with Mipmunk's post and I have been suffering from DP for about 17 yrs now.

Mipmunk... if you got rid of it once you can do it again. Try to stay positive. You might want to read Janine's post "you cannot THINK or WATCH your way out of it" if you haven't already... if you have maybe read it again. You seem to be watching yourself way to closely and trying to analyze the situation too much. I know it's hard not to, but try.

KEEP POSTING. Everyone needs to vent somewhere.
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