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Trying to make this as short as possible. Managed to get dp/dr from marijuana. Had no idea what it was and dealt with it for years before seeing a doctor and being prescribed Zoloft for anxiety. The Zoloft worked for a few years until I became 100% cured and never had a thought of depersonalization so I decided to get off of it myself earlier this year (biggest mistake). Of course anxiety came back really bad so got prescribed Effexor, only 4 days of taking it and my dp/dr returned in full force. Got off of that and put on trintellix. It seemed to help my obsessive thoughts but still have anxiety so they upped my 10mg to 15mg and that sent me back to the hell that I had from the effexor. Seen the doctor today and she now prescribed fluoxetine. She says that the effexor & trintellix were too strong. My question is since I'm going straight from trintellix to fluoxetine I shouldn't have any problems with it making me the way effexor did right? Since I'm already on medicine it can't make the dr/dp complete hell again? I was near psychosis on the effexor and I'm terrified to go back to that again. Please help
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