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Please help

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I can't believe that I'm trapped in this hell AGAIN. I was completely recovered and after one stressful event it happened again. I'm so numb and unreal as well as anything around me. My life and reality are stolen again. Apart from feeling depersonalized/derealized I don't feel my breathing. As if I am lungless... That's the hardest part. i can't stand not feeling the air I breathe and I know it's crazy n I don't know if anyone else on earth has this symptom...but I am only an observer and don't feel human at all. Also I am on a vacation and has to umm maybe live and pretend to be normal... I don't know what to do馃槱馃槱馃槱
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I鈥檓 sorry, please believe me that I know exactly what that symptom is, no matter how hard you breathe you feel completely insensitive to your body, feeling lungless is awful. But it鈥檚 because you are in fight or flight mode, it鈥檚 because you so desperately don鈥檛 want to have to deal with the state. I find myself to only be out of that state when I鈥檓 not running away from it. In general, you are not calm. You鈥檙e freaking out, but there may be nothing that you have to do in order to get out
Thanks a lot! It's exactly the way you described. I try not to think about it but still..
I too rise and fall in and out of this state. Sometimes I鈥檓 ok and sometimes I鈥檓 not. Such is life
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