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Dear readers, I like to share my experience. For 14 months I suffer from depersonalization and HPPD. It all started with truffles. I had the worst trip of my life, fear, absent and all symptoms of the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. When I looked at my fingers during the trip they were so small that I hit panic. I therefore went out during the trip. A few months later I had smoked a joint and what an experience. Laughed a lot. I then decided by peer pressure to agree to smoke with a white whidow. This was the foutste decision of my life. A horrible flashback to the truffle trip. This time I also feel like my head was so small that my teeth were in my throat. Because of this I had a stifling effect. After this trip, I could not smell the smell of cannabis. From the smell I noticed something I got back a flashback to the truffle trip and it was always so. When I went to a festival in which someone was smoking and I got a panic attack. The other day I was awake and saw the world is no longer the same. Fear and flashback control my life. My symptoms are..
-after images
-visual snow
-gas seeing

-memory loss
-black outs
-unable to sleep
-no emotions
-feeling not there
-feeling not myself
-trouble focussing

Body symptoms:
-tingeling fingers
-heat attacks
-muscle cramp
-stumach isseus
-libido and erectile problem
I hope you can help me because i cant do this any longer..i am taking citalopram for 7 days now no effect. My afterimages/double seeing is 24/7 nothing wrong with my eyes no neuro complaints. Help me guys sorry for the bad english i am from europe. God bless everyone here and i hope you all get cured for the new year lots of love.
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