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Please help me help my daughter!

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I am a single mom whose 13-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with DP/DR. How do I help her through her episodes? The more I try to help sometimes the more upset she gets but I just can't sit back and watch her...she breaks my heart because she gets so scared. So afraid she isn't going to "come back." I've tried giving her distractions, Friends DVD's, magazines, anything that isn't scary or a possible trigger. She takes Seroquel and Clonodine and new doc wants to start her on Buspar and Ativan for anxiety. Also told by her therapist my girl has the worst case of PTSD she has ever seen.

I try to reassure her that each episode will pass but lately she just wants me to leave her alone. I'm not sure when she's DR/DPing if she knows if I'm real or not!?

If anyone has ANY suggestions, PLEASE write. She's already been hospitalized three times. I know her condition was brought on by a combination of severe childhood trauma, (at 1st they said she had DID), PTSD, stress, and probably from smoking pot last fall. She had a bad trip and begged to be tested for anything it could have been laced with (the results were negative).

Is paranoia a part of this or a secondary condition? She ALWAYS asks me and her teachers if we're mad...things like that. Every doctor tells me something different. I am desperate and would appreciate any words of wisdom, experience...Thank you!

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sorry to hear about your daughter. i will be praying for you...

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