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Hey Guys

I just want to share my symptoms because im really afraid of them. Will they ever go away.

It all started with a lot of stress on my job and with anxiety because of a big lymph node under the arm. I tought everyday that i have cancer. I worried so long and then i register a chance in my perception. I feel like i cannot follow a converation anymore or watch a movie beacause my attention doenst work anymore. Im only thinking about my condition and cannot disract me at the moment. Sometimes im really afraid about the condition and then the symptoms will get worse. Its like my mind (who is always thinking and talking about a solution) and my perception are separated. Today in the morning i felt like a blank mind with no pictures and no automatic thougts. i need to thougt every tought with my inner voice because my mind doenst produce anymore. When he produces, he produces anxiety toughts about the condition.

Can anybody tell me if this goes away and what my condition is like?

I do not hear voices or something like this. But my sleep is very bad. I wake up 2-3 times at night.

Thanks a lot guys

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Hi dpdr17,

From what you are saying, you are experiencing some strong anxiety, and it can bring about the symptoms you are describing, as well as problems with sleeping patterns. However, strong anxiety usually has some root cause, and I doubt it is only about your work or health concerns (even though you should have that health issue checked, so that you can put your mind at ease). I think you could benefit from talking to a therapist, so that you can get that anxiety under control by understanding its core source.

Take care,

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