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Hello everyone
Sorry for my bad English

When I was in 9th grade, suddenly I started having existential thought who am O? Why am on earth ? And everything looks so strange and I started to cry!!!
It continued for several weeks until my mom till me to Psychologist who don't have clinic but was working as a government servant
He diagnosed me and said I don't have any problem
Things were going well until .1 month back
I started having existential thought
1. Who am I?
2. Why I am on earth?
3. What is point of existence?
And so on
I feel so unfamiliar that energy thing looked strange and I started crying!!!
Sometimes even my family members looks
Now things are getting worse
I think
What I see is this life?
Time is flowing, what is really time?
Is this life what I see?
I questions every thing
How would other see the world through life?
I am completely hollow inside

I think why I can in my body? How my soul is in my body? This gives me anxiety
I was having ocd but it completely went away
I am having trouble concentrating
My studies. I think it's ruining my life. Crying everyday my life has become hell
I think how can we feel,taste,smell everything

Plzzzzzzzz I want help
Symtom that scares me is I am seeing world through different perspective as if ensuring is strange and alien to me
I see thing in 3d not in 2d
No one understand me

Pllllzzzzzzz help

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