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Guys please please help me with this it's driving me insane. Someone has to help me with this please tell me you can relate! It's just about right. Idk I feel like I'm not seeing anything I feel like it's just there. Idk kinda weird!! It's not like I'm seeing anything anymore it's just there and that makes me feel like everything's in my head and this is all an imagination idk it's like I'm seeing things but not really seeing things can you guys please help!!! Please tell me someone can relate sometimes I'm literally convinced that I'm not seeing anything and it's all in my mind and some mental construction!

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May 31 2014 02:35 PM

Mental Construction? Meaning what, that you created all of this reality with your mind?

Vision problems occur all the time, especially when people ruminate over the symptoms and obsess over every facet of the symptom they're feeling. You should try to lower your anxiety and tell yourself that the reality in front of you is actually reality, not some construct that you've built inside of your head.

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May 31 2014 07:40 PM

Kind of like the solipsism Solomon but different idk it's like idk I couldn't explain I guess it came down to what sight really is like how can I see things and it's like the things I see don't actually seem infront of me they feel there which makes me think there inside my head yeah that's what I'm feeling it just seems like stuff is trapped inside my head instead of actually infront of me. I think it has to also do with the science of quantum physics like blah blah nothing's physical which I don't believe at all but it still scares me because that theory is out there but like I believed it that's the thing there were times that I actually accepted the idea of solipsism or it's all in my heads which is horrible! That's not common with depersonalization but I'm sure it's happened before I just have to have a better thinking pattern and control my thoughts correct

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Jun 03 2014 07:07 PM

What your seeing is reality and has not changed at all. Your brain is taking sometime of to heal and the chemicals in your brain have been TEMPORAROLLY altered. It works the same way for all of us. Whether you got this from drugs or being over stressed or depressed, the brain is in protection mode and that is it. I would recommend going to a doctor and having blood work done so you can make sure there isn't something else going on to ease your mind. It is easy to start over thinking about this feeling because it is extremely hard to deal with but it just your brain taking time off to heal itself. Don't start over thinking it. Do you exercise. Do you eat healthy. Do you try and distract yourself. If not then you might want to start some of these thing. They do help.

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Jun 23 2014 02:15 PM

lol ik what you mean, its like seeing through glass or something like you looking at something but your not really looking at it, ive been there, its just your brain taking a break from all the stress, its temperary ik it feels weird, but the best thing to do is just CHILL THE FUCK OUT, DONT THINK ABOUT IT AN IT GOES AWAY,

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