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Friends, I really need your help, sorry for the English

I have a couple of symptoms that I have to find out

numbess no feeling at all(24/7)

vision symptoms:

Most of the time I look at the reflection of things, as you look at the mirror and see yourself then that way in everything I have had a reflection

Suddenly the points I'm looking at jump me in the eye

Sensitivity to lights

over imagination

A strange feeling in my eye that I'm looking obsessively for something and it gives me an unpleasant feeling, like i cant focus watching T.V

Words popping up in my screen of phone , computer

Static tv vision
eye floaters

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this is how it is for me too
just dont know if this is dp only anymore. or what this can be...
i cant imagine someone having this same. or this bad as i.
i feel random human energies in me. like as they are me. and see their faces. i feel someone is talking to me 24/7. and i cant do anything that sit there totally numb. and listening these voices.
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