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Hello, I am new here
Dp started with me when I smoked with my friend a few sniffs from cannabis I started laughing a lot I couldn't stop After that everything became stopped I could say that life stoped I was so afraid that I went crazy with my misfortune This was in high school i slept, but when i got up
Symptoms When I left home my worldview changed. These are some of the symptoms
1_The view is distorted and I cannot focus on anything
2_ When I think of something I dig deeper into it so that I forget what to do
3- The memory is very weak
4_ When I speak or speak to me, anyone knows what he says, but there is something strange
These are the symptoms that worry me the most, I tried to accept it, but I do accept it in a day and then my disappointment, I go to the gym
I eat healthy but I am losing everything My family does not help me My friends are no longer interested in me I cannot find any help Even my girlfriend does not understand me Please help This is my last year in high school and I have to study well for success, but I cannot. No one encourages me or understands me. Please help me, we are brothers and we have to help each other.
2 months have passed now every day I disappoint
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