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Has anyone ever played Virtual Reality with dpdr? If so, how was the experience like?
I have tried a little, and it's one of the rare things nowadays that could increase my derealization above my baseline. I knew it would go back to "normal" eventually but it was quite high for a few hours after playing for about an hour. I would not recommend.
One thing that was interesting, though, was that once as I was playing I saw that the position of the handle was not well calibrated, so my hand in the game did not really reflect the actual position of my hand in reality, but I did not bother correcting it. And after some time I got used to it and didn't notice the difference, as if my brain had corrected it. But when I stopped playing and removed the headset my brain needed time to adjust back to reality and then it was my brain that was not well calibrated and my hand was not where I felt it was, and it was very weird when trying to grab something, just like in the game. And it probably contributed to make my DR worse. I liked playing but it really made my DR much worse, so I won't try again.
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