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We are all gardeners;every one of us.both dp sufferers and non dp sufferers.The difference is simple.Ordinary gardeners plant seeds,water them,fertilize them and then forget about them.Days and weeks later shoots appear.Months go by and the shoots take root and blossom into plants,plants which grow fruit.

Dp gardeners plant seeds,water them and fertelize them.they go away for a while,come back and dig them up to see how they are doing.They comtinue to do this for weeks.The seeds dont take root.the dp gardener starts to panic and checks the seeds even more often.Nothing grows or blossoms.The dp gardener cant stop checking the seeds.Doubt is the backbone of this condition.Throw out the mirrors,get busy doing other things.FORGET ABOUT THE SEEDS
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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