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I wonder if you ar elike that, when I go into a place (even in car) and drive to another town, when I enter the town, and go out my car, I feel like entered a new dimension and I feel that I have dreamed all the road. Like I just woke up.

It's always doing this when I change places, not even in car. I KNOW I repeat myself but if someone had clues! How to stop it!

Sometimes I feel OK and grounded at one place, then I KNOW I will go to the bathroom and return (example) ,and I will feel confused. Like I come from nowhere, from a dream, from a coma. When you are VERY drunk you can feel this. Like your state of consciousness goes away.

What does it means, and how to STAY grounded? Those are the DR moments that I hate the most. When it happens, I don't know what to do, to think, to stop them

Janine, you have a clue?

Someone else?


Cyn xxx

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You just kill me, lol....what you are describing BEAUTIFULLY is a major aspect of anxiety-based DP. Then you say "but what can I DO about it?" THat's the symptom..that's what it IS. IF we knew what to do about it, we'd all be millionaires, grin.

Now....regardless of how much you don't like to hear this, the SLEEPING pills are making those creepy episodes worse. But nothing is going to happen to you if you keep having them. They are part and parcel of this whole awful experience.

I used to say "other dimension" too...that's exactly how it felt. I'd turn my head for one second and suddenly it felt like I hadn't lived the moment before...or that I "jumped" into a new time and space. It was like instant time travel or something....NOTHING could feel crazier. That's just the symptom, dear one.


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Thanks, Janine.

It's SO hard. I feel like I am gonna let go. I feel very very nervous lately.

I can't stand it. I don't know what to do about all, meds. Ect. I am very depressed.

Your posts and all positive posts helps me. But negative and sad posts hurts me so much. :( I am so sensitive right now. And afraid like a child to stay like that ALL my life.

I just want to shut up my problems, forget, sleep, etc. I hate thos quasi-constant states of terror, pure terror.

Thanks for your replies.

Cyn xxx
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