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Pissed Off

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I really dont like people that dont have something good to say when on this website. Maybe I've posted something once that didn't resonate well, but i have never intentionally comment on something to make someone feel lower than they did when the posted at first. I think its crucial that people dont joke, belittle, or offer ignorant uniformed comments to complex situations. The most someone can do to help, is help talk something out, or share tools for other people. I think thats the way talks should be on these sites, because many people get harmed coming here, without even realizing it.


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LOL. Amazing.

I am only a forum member, just like others, if you don't like my opinion, just scroll down a little more, and go on.
fearless, I'm not mad at you, i know i might have gotten a lil overpissed, I'm just mad that on any forum i go to there are people that say things that just take people back 3 steps.
How can one be not mad, but overpissed?

You are talking like I have some superman power (you are not the only one here who talk like that), and I can make people (PEOPLE? no not "people", you) take "back 3 steps" just by writing down my opinion about codependent couples I SEE IN MY OWN LIFE.

It is ridiculous when people are trying to blame ME for they being pissed off. If you know what I write is bullshit, move on.

If you would be a real man and not a little boy, you would admit that the REAL reason you got mad is that you are living in a relationship which is full of the things I wrote about, and YOU YOURSELF think it's pathetic, but not brave enough to admit it to yourself.

No, you blame ME for ruining your mood. And you even try to act like you are defending the thread opener, who were liking all of my posts.
haha dude go update your recovery blog or something, I'm over that little chat we had over that thread post. And yeah i do think i have been codependent, but i also believe that your comment was bogus. you're nobody to tell people they dont experience love if they are involved in codependency.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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