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PIERCINGS.....totally off topic

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at the moment i appear to be having an argument with my kids school over body piercing.....just wondered what any of you guys opions on it are......does it make me a bad mother that i let my kids have their noses i have mine i setting a bad example?????? i personally have no problems with people having whatever they want pierced just wondered if schools should be able to bann them or let people be individuals and have freedom of expression :?:
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thankyou for the replies......i have my nose done...with a stud....i have my eyebrow done with a hoop...and i have both ears done twice as well as the top of one done......i think my girls look really pretty with theres in....they are discreet and tidy so i dont seem the problem with it......dont some religions have there noses done????? could i try at the school on a religon bases and say that they are been prejudice????? just a thought....
gimpy...i agree totally on kids wearing kids all wear school uniform but that shouldn't stop them from been individuals and having there own style......uniforms do stop kids been picked as they do all look the same......and when you think about it piercings dont have to be permanent.....if people get fed up them they can be removed.....i think piercing can enhance a persons features.....but every one has there own opinions.....i look like a total plain jane without them....i can go without my earings but not the nose stud...

and as for tatoos i have nothing against them either.....they can brighten up a dull area.....not that allow my kids to have them until their older as they are permanent.......but each to there own
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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