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PIERCINGS.....totally off topic

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at the moment i appear to be having an argument with my kids school over body piercing.....just wondered what any of you guys opions on it are......does it make me a bad mother that i let my kids have their noses i have mine i setting a bad example?????? i personally have no problems with people having whatever they want pierced just wondered if schools should be able to bann them or let people be individuals and have freedom of expression :?:
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on a girl nose peircings look really classy.. as long as you get one with a pretty stone in it. hooped noserings are pretty dated.. but they wont fall out which is a plus cause once you take them out they close up right away which is why i dont have one anymore. :( never get the teeny tiny ones that look like blackheads. thats just stupid. on boys nose peircings look.. odd. not really gay.. well maybe gay. more like a booger. septum is more of a boy peircing but prepare to have everyone stare at it and give you funny looks. as far as im concerned.. i would never let my kid have anything delicate peirced.. like tongue, nipples, gents. its like this blinding beacon that on a teen reads.. 'i wanna be a pornstar.. F--k me!' :p i have to say even the belly button is a bit.. questionable. there are alot of 12 year olds that have them here.. and its like this sparkely little arrow that points downtown to whats hiding under their lowriders that only BARELY covers their coinslot. it just makes my stomach turn to think that a parent would allow that sh1t. :evil:

eyebrow, lip, ears are all doable for kids in my book. trust me after 6 months.. it will come out for sheer irritation (peircings are annoying to have on 24-7... and trying to re-peirce it yourself hurts like a mofo). the novelty will wear off eventually dont worry. :wink:
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