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PIERCINGS.....totally off topic

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at the moment i appear to be having an argument with my kids school over body piercing.....just wondered what any of you guys opions on it are......does it make me a bad mother that i let my kids have their noses i have mine i setting a bad example?????? i personally have no problems with people having whatever they want pierced just wondered if schools should be able to bann them or let people be individuals and have freedom of expression :?:
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I think banning piercings at schools is just an unbeliavably hypocrite act. If some people can't see nose rings etc. beautiful, it should be their opinion only and not anybody else's concern. I have my nose pierced, but that doesn't affect my opinion. And if nose/eye-brow/lip/navel piercings are banned, why aren't the use of earrings too? Some people are weird indeed. I think there are a plenty of more important things for school bureaucrats to concentrate on, and one of the most important thing should be the prevention of teasing among pupils. But oh - the way the pupils are wearing clothes, having piercings, or for example wearing scarves as a sign of their religion in France... Those things are so unwanted that they have to be banned in the first place - oh no, hypocrites rule the schools.
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