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PIERCINGS.....totally off topic

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at the moment i appear to be having an argument with my kids school over body piercing.....just wondered what any of you guys opions on it are......does it make me a bad mother that i let my kids have their noses i have mine i setting a bad example?????? i personally have no problems with people having whatever they want pierced just wondered if schools should be able to bann them or let people be individuals and have freedom of expression :?:
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i personally don't find it attractive when girls have anything more than their ears pierced but I am definitely one of the most conservative people on this board. However, as long as its not my girlfriend or child, I don't give a rats what other people do with their bodies. Should they ban them in public schools? In high school, no. In middle school and elementary school- yes. I have no reasons to support this other than that younger kids are really impressionable and can also be very mean. All sorts of problems can arise from these two facts- use your imagination. High school age kids are more mature should be able to enjoy more personal freedoms at school.

I, of course, am and always will be a fan of uniforms. Say what you want about them but one's appearance doesn't become a distraction or divisive factor at school and plus, you know what to wear every morning.

This might surprise you but almost everyone I went to high school with now talks about how much they enjoyed wearing uniforms, especially girls, because they didn't have to worry about looking good. We were always trying to beat the system back in the day, but looking back it was quite convenient.
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