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Physical symptoms!!!!!!

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Just thought i,d put down some physical symptoms.. body pulsating ...aches&pains(top of legs)....cold hands &feet..chest pain...funny taste in mouth...itching..numb problems when it is dark, mainly indoors, grainy vision like when tv is not tuned the obvious vision disturbances,mice running across the room out the corner of your eye ..etc ..etc dizziness..just a few to be going on with.......Andy......xxxxxxx...... [/list]
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yeah, i saw a llama in bidborough. the thing is i'm sure I ACTUALLY saw a llama and it's just that everyone else wasn't looking in the right direction. I'd only had two whiskeys. I really don't think I hallucinate llamas.

most of the vision things i quite like. stuff waving and breathing, it's normally not bad enough to interfere. it can get quite claustrohic though.

I don't know about tinny or ammoniay, but I often smell things that I know I recognise and have no idea why or what they are. I think it's random smells that I remember that just suddenly seem like they're really there. I hadn't thought of relating it to dp before but i guess it is part of the sensory overload thing.
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