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Physical symptoms!!!!!!

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Just thought i,d put down some physical symptoms.. body pulsating ...aches&pains(top of legs)....cold hands &feet..chest pain...funny taste in mouth...itching..numb problems when it is dark, mainly indoors, grainy vision like when tv is not tuned the obvious vision disturbances,mice running across the room out the corner of your eye ..etc ..etc dizziness..just a few to be going on with.......Andy......xxxxxxx...... [/list]
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just another day in paradise, huh? :D

nah, Andy, it does seem like you mention many of the visual disturbances we all have to one degree or the other. a favorite of mine is things seeming tooooooo far away or tooooooooooo close. this is particularly interesting when driving or meeting someone new. taste in mouth? when my anxiety is real high, i sware i have a taste like a metal spoon is hanging out of my mouth...very metallic.

so there's just a few of the things we have in common. in case you haven't noticed...the less you get excited about the visual hang-ups, the better off you are. the more you "look" for them, the more you'll see them. you can count on that.

take care,
Poor, poor thing ya know the ol' gal will be seeing pink elephants. :lol:

No, no really, Shelly...I believe you. :p

:D 's to you,
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