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Physical numbness anyone?

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Hi! For the past few days i've been experiencing some kind of numbness in my body. predominantly my arms and legs and face. i check to see if i can still feel sensations and i have no problem with that but the feeling just feels very strange and far away. also touching things feels very odd. i went to the doctor today and she did some tests to check my ability to feel and nothing came out of it. I was relieved to hear this but now i'm home and i'm having the same numb almost tight feeling around my mouth, kind of in my upperlip. sometimes eating or drinking feels strange too but i have no trouble actually functioning. yet, i'm now doubting everything that happened at the doctor and whether or not i told her enough or properly described my symptoms. i found someone on the forum who described something similar but it was a very old post and i'm unable to reach out to them so i'm hoping someone else could relate to this. i have really bad health anxiety and next to dp i'm going through ptsd so please be thoughtful with your responses, i can be very sensitive and get anxious quite quickly.

thanks for reading if u made it this far, stay safe.
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Thanks for the quick response! I’ve been to the doctor and she did a certain test with a needle and a cottonbud to test the different sensations my skin feels and apparently i did better than ‘normal’ people. She was not concerned at all. I’m still very much on edge due to severe health anxiety and just the fact that it’s a very scary feeling. where i’m from i’m also not able to get mri’s or CAT-scans that easily so i’m trying to find some relief in people with the same experience. do u actually experience loss of sensation and touch or is it more like a distant, foreign feeling? and have you noticed that it becomes less apparent when you are less stressed or less disassociated? Thanks again for your response, it helps a lot!
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