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This is slightly off topic so move me if appropriate -

One of my stubborn symptoms is claustrophobia. Planes, tubes and elevators freak me out. I have avoided tubes and lifts for a few years. Can't avoid planes as I refuse to give up holidays! But the claustro stays the same each time so exposure isn't helping. Does anyone know of any type of therapy or a book, or ANYTHING at all that can help me work through this?

I understand that phobias are symbols of our fears etc, are there any direct approaches to sorting it out? I know it wont go over night but I refuse to be limited like this. And have decided now is the time. Anyone else with phobias here?
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I think I used to have agoraphobia and social phobia which have disappeared but replaced by dp. In my teens I couldn't go to a store alone or walk in the street by myself without feeling awful and different, which probably was some kind of dissociation. I think that not to be intimitated by other people (if they're not serial killers), you have to have enough self esteem and the ability to improvise instead of needing to control everything, even if others were more funny or intelligent. Flying and elevators I've always loved, my dream would be a mile high ski lift.
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