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This is slightly off topic so move me if appropriate -

One of my stubborn symptoms is claustrophobia. Planes, tubes and elevators freak me out. I have avoided tubes and lifts for a few years. Can't avoid planes as I refuse to give up holidays! But the claustro stays the same each time so exposure isn't helping. Does anyone know of any type of therapy or a book, or ANYTHING at all that can help me work through this?

I understand that phobias are symbols of our fears etc, are there any direct approaches to sorting it out? I know it wont go over night but I refuse to be limited like this. And have decided now is the time. Anyone else with phobias here?
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When I checked in on on my thread last night there were no replies and I thought God I'm popular :evil:

But this morning...thanks guys for all your replies!

My 'phobias' are defintely related to the bigger picture. I am not afraid of dying in a plane crash or the elevator crashing down. I know that would be irrational. But the bit I get stuck on is, I am afraid of my own fear, and that to me is not irrational and very real, (which sounds crazy I know). I have avoided other places before when suffering from panic attacks or severe dr, but this claustrophobic thing is really stubborn.

So it has become a kind of phobia because I can go anywhere and do practically anything, but unless I am put into a situation where I THINK I am not in total CONTROL of the situation, and cannot ESCAPE (which seems to be a common theme with us lot) then I just cannot do it. Getting in an elevator, when those doors close, is just unbearable. I have been stuck in one before, for nearly an hour, and had to be rescued by firemen. Even gorgeous men in uniform didn't cure me.

Fear of your own fear is irrational isn't it? I am afraid of what I will do. The Embarrassment.

I think all phobias come down to the same thing, fear of your own reaction, which has a deeper meaning for most of us.

So, exposure or further delving into my fears? I think maybe exposure because a lot of the time it becomes habit, and it only symbolises your fear, and is just a cover up so there is no point in feeding it.

Apologies for the rambling, thinking out loud. Thanks again for your thoughts guys x
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