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What's up everyone..
Basically my story starts about 4 moths ago. I was a regular guy who worked, studied but considered myself somewhat social phobic and nervous(especially around girls). I also had mild ocd. So about 4 months ago I got my hands on some phenibut because I heard it's very good for anxiety and social situations. It wasn't long until I was hooked on it and started abusing it 3-4 times weekly. Soon after I experienced a panic attack one night when I was out with my friends and it was right after drinking black coffee. It was a first panic attack I've had since making love to Mary Jane which I stopped about 3 years ago. The panic attack was very severe and nothing I've experienced before but it didn't last too long as I managed to calm myself down. I did not learn my lesson and continued using phenibut even more often. What I noticed was when I was not taking it I was way more anxious and paranoid then I've ever been. About two months ago one day I didn't take phenibut but took fluro modafinil instead to help me get through my day and concentrate at work. It was a standard modafinil experience but was very stimulated towards the end of the night and ended up staying g the whole night and ejaculating 4 times in a span of 30-40minutes(might be over exaggerating). I did not sleep that night and ended up going to work the next day only to find out that I did not pass the fitness test for the full time position. I was very updated but not overly devastated, a bit numb. When I got home that night and lay in my bed my heart just started pounding insanely really bloody fast. I jumped out of my bed and started going crazy due to severity of it and I assumed I was getting a heart attack and that these were probably my last moments. I started saying my last prayers but I was in a state of complete horror. The chest was tight, could not breathe and I was getting cold sweats and shivers. I managed to drive myself to 7 eleven to get some electrolytes and try to hydrate myself but it didn't help. It lasted for an hour and I just laid down on my couch and calmed myself to sleep which lasted for about 30 minutes. The next day I felt numb but still went to work and got another panic I attack that night and the next day I woke up feeling completely depressed/ anxious and dead inside. Symptoms include detachment from reality and those around me, existential thoughts, fear of going crazy and developing dementia as I could not remember who I was and nothing made sense. I stopped studying and I quit my job.

It's been just over two months and had my ups and downs but the downs always seemed more severe. It's been 3 days since I got a new job. What I realised is that while I'm working I almost forget about dd because I get distracted. In the last couple of days I started using vitamin b complex, vitamin d, pro biotics and affron saffron extract. Seems like I'm almost back to reality but still on the edge of both world. Though I'm feeling much better.

Another thing that has almost eliminated my panic attacks was black seed oil. I don't get panic attacks anymore

Been on zoloft for about two months but do t think it made much of a difference.
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