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What annoys you the most? You know that one thing you can not stand
examples: People talking on their cell phones and driving, when people smack their gum, ect...

Mine are
1. People who are materialistic and look down on others when they don't have the absolute best of everything.
2. People who are judgemental and think they have all the answers to everything.
3. Misquitoes- I HATE those things.

Soooo bored tonight, sick and holed up in the house.

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rainboteers said:
3. Misquitoes- I HATE those things.
That would definitely top my list. May they all burn in a bloodless hell.

I assume we're not talking about big things...i mean, i hate liars more than anything else on earth, but i guess we're talking just pet peeves here.

In no particular order:

- slow drivers in the fast lane

- alarm clocks

- people who look at me like i'm crazy when i tell them i don't trust microwaves or cell phones

- public washrooms that don't have paper towels...seriously, this is the stupidest thing in the makes me want to sodomize someone i get so angry. What is the point of having water, soap, and a blow dryer if you still have to open the door, which is undoubtedly riddled with urine stains and God knows what else, with your bare hands? PUT PAPER TOWELS IN WASHROOMS!!! I'll tell you something: Next time i have to use a washroom in a restaurant or some other place that doesn't have paper towels, i'm going to bring a bucket to my table and urinate in it right there in front of everyone, and when the maitre d' comes up to me and awkwardly asks if there's something he can help me with, i'm going to splash it all over him and yell out, "Yeah! You can put some f#$%ing paper towels in the washroom!!!" Bloody animals.

- Ok, here's another one....bear with me. When someone gently chides you by saying something like, "Hey nice clothes...what are you, going to a funeral or something?" And then i politely chuckle, and then like two hours later the person comes up to me and says, "Hey, you know, i was just joking around with the clothes comment." :roll:

- Mainstream music. Radio Disc Jokeys who try to be funny but fail miserably...Dean Glendell on the once brilliant 102.1 in Toronto is a stellar example of this.

- Women who expect equal rights and then give you the silent treatment when you ask them to split the dinner bill.

- Moody people

- When bedsheets come undone. I don't know what it is, but i cannot for the life of me get my bedsheets to stay on my mattress. Either they're too tight and one corner springs off just as i'm drifting off to sleep, or they're too loose and i can feel little lumpy things curling around on my back.

- People who sing along to music. Unless that person is me. :wink:

- Rude people.

- People who think they're cool because they wear a shirt and tie to work, as if having that kind of costume is something one would aspire to.

- Ethnocentrism. Racism. Sexism. All the isms.

- Reality TV

- People who talk about celebrities with greater passion than they talk about their own lives.

That's all i can think of right now...i'll post more if i can think of them.

Soooo bored tonight, sick and holed up in the house.
Try online poker...

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:lol: loved them all, very funny!

I have one kinda like the clothes one...
When people tell say, "you look tired." You tell them you aren't tired, and THEN they say, "well are you feeling alright?"
Why don't they just say what they are thinking, "you look like sh*t." Better yet, why don't they just keep their mouth shut!

p.s. I don't like poker :(

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When I am riding in the car with someone and they are next to me smacking their gum, or when I am in class trying to take a test and they are smacking gum in my ear. Just makes me furious.

Rude people
Uneducated People
People who don't like my handwriting
People who don't like to read
People who don't like to write
People who don't like Art
People who don't like Science
People who don't like Philosophy
People who talk about sex too much
People who have sex too much
People who have sex AT ALL
People who don't appreciate asexuals
Pretentious People
Arrogant People
People who don't understand me
Inferiority Complex/Extreme Self-Hatred
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Dependent Personality Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
Paranoid Personality Disorder
Passive-aggressive Personality Disorder
Schizoid Personality Disorder
Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Schizoaffective Disorder:
Schizophrenia (residual type, disorganized type, catatonic type, undifferentiated type)
Manic Depression (Euphoria ~ Dysphoria)
General Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
Panic Disorder
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Hero Complex
Martyr Complex
Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder (Possible)
Selective Mutism
People in general
The world

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Yikes that is a long list :shock: Change of topic? What makes you smile? Anyone?

1. My cats
2. Nature (the beach, the woods, just being outside in general)
3. Driving around and listening to relaxing music
4. Reading
5. My nephews and niece
6. Kids
7. The people in my life

Pet hates:

Most things - chavs, people who can't drive for shit, arrogence/big egos, liars, cheats, ignorance, English weather...


Cars/Bikes/Anything with an engine really.
I.T - Although you can have too much of a good thing, it really fucks me off at the moment
Orgasming :D Either with g/f or flying solo :lol:
Music especially trance and rock

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Things that make me smile:

My cat, Oreo. I love him to death.
Fettucine Alfredo from Carrabbas
A nice landscaped yard (I love landscaping)
Someone smiling at me (I like nice people)
Playing my guitar
My favorite shows (House, Whose Line is it Anyway, Mamas Family reruns)
Coca cola
Feeling DP free
Animals (I love dogs and cats and birds)
Running outside while listening to music
Autumn (my favorite season)
An eldery couple holding hands (so cute when they still are close after all those years)

Pet Peeves -

Intense humidity in the summer
People who ask "What's the matter" all the time when nothing is..
SUVs (I just don't like them - I can't see around them in my little Acura when backing out of a parking spot)
Ben (because I think he is smarter than me)
People who don't bathe

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mcseigs...I love the shrimp and scallops dish at Carrabbas.

Plus, I LOVE House. Did you know the guy is British? Love that show.


ticks, chiggers, fleas, mosquitos, most of summer, rude people, spoiled rotten kids, screaming because they want something kids...

which brings me back to Nanny 911 and SuperNanny...for some reason I love to see them straighten out the PARENTS and the kids.

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George Bush
The Republican party
Child molestors
People who hurt animals
Bushs' unecessary war and the fact that so many innocent people are dying

People who lie..bush
The fact that there is world wide hatred for the US
People who voted for Bush
$2.50 a gallon gas(Thanks George!)
rapidly escalating health insurance premiums(Thanks again George!)
Pharmacuetical Companies and their ties to Bush
People who refuse to address our environmental issues

Basically everything else that is slowly sending our world down the toilet


My wife and children
Animals(ecspecially my dog Buddy)
The day bush leaves office
Feeling good mentally
being self-employed
Making lots of money
My lake cabin
The Minnesota Vikings

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People who spit
People who call me three times in a row when they know I'm intentionally not answering the phone.
Artsy people who go on and one about foreign films and music. (I like some foreign films and all different music too but must we talk about it 24/7?)
Needy people
People who wear those rubber yellow bracelets
Cat people who claim cats are better than dogs
People who let their kids run around in stores and cry and scream because they're immune to it and forget the rest of us are pulling our hair out.

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People who can't stand spitting
People who get annoyed when I call them three times in a row for no reason.
People who don't like artsy films or me talking about them.
People who ask me to leave after five hours of sitting outside their front door.
People who don't support the "LiveStrong" campaign.
Dog people who claim dogs are better than cats.
People who get mad at my Mom for letting me run around in stores screaming and crying....

MORE Pet peeves:
People who know English and intentionally don't speak it
People who speak French with a pretentious accent
People who drink alcohol
People who do drugs
People who bitch about having a cold
People who make fun of my disorders :x
People who laugh at me when I'm suicidal
People who insult my intelligence
People in a rocky marriage who tell me to get married
People who want to marry me
People who DON't want to marry me
Pet Peeves

My Pet Loves?





I dunno...


Oh yeah!

Rainboteers :oops:

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Ok, I looked up the campaign. I knew they said LiveStrong but thought it was just an in thing. Which it is. OK OK, I'll buy one. But I'm not wearing it.
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